GE Award

GE Award in Affinity Technology

The International Society for Molecular Recognition (ISMR) administers the international and highly-prestigious Award in Affinity Technology, which is awarded at each biennial ISMR Affinity Conference. This year it is generously sponsored by GE Healthcare.
The only obligation upon the recipient of the Award is the presentation of a lecture describing their work of the awardee in the area of Affinity Technology. In addition to the recognition, the award carries with it a trophy, a cash prize, as well as a stipend toward the recipient’s travel expenses to attend the ISMR Affinity Conference.

Recipients since the inception of the award are: Klaus Mosbach (1985), Meir Wilchek (1987), Chris Lowe (1989), Irwin Chaiken (1991), Jerker Porath (1993), Mathias Uhlen/Fred Regnier (1995), Ken-ichi Kasai (1997), Mookambeswaran (Viji) Vijayalakshmi (1999), Stellan Hjertén (2001), Bertrand Seraphin (2005), Herbert P. Jennissen (2007), Ruedi Aebersold (2009), Alois Jungbauer (2011), Sophia Hober (2013), Richard Willson (2015), Sten Ohlson (2017)

Nominations to the Affinity Award are highly appreciated and should be submitted to Sophia Hober ( before the end of February. The nominations will be handled by the scientific committee and announcement of the winner will be published the 15th of April.